BLUE HEN TORCEDOR Offers a sophisticated, fun activity for your guests at your next event. Our cigar rollers are incredibly skilled and fun to watch, and your guests will leave with a valuable party favor! We can even print your event logo on the cigar labels.



Do You Need a Cigar Roller Your Next Private Event?

Having a cigar roller at your event is one of the most unique experiences you can offer your guests. Invite us to your party/event and we'll hand roll an amazing blend you and your guests will love.

Premium Cigars are painstakingly crafted by the hands of one roller and there is great pride and honor in this. Bunching the fillers, adding the binder, and choosing the perfect leaf to adorn the exterior is nothing short of art. In Cuba, they are called Torcedores. from the moment you watch John skillfully roll his personal blend for you till the moment you savor the final draws of the nub.

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