About our roller:

Growing up in Philadelphia, I used to watch my great-grandfather smoke cigars on the porch. As a young boy, I was intrigued, fascinated, and curious. Watching the white smoke dancing up into the air held me captive.

But it was not until June 2005, in Las Vegas, when I experienced my first premium cigar. Walking into a humidor, the scent of Spanish cedar and tobacco had me hooked.

As my taste in cigars became more developed, so did my hunger to learn more about cigars. I began to read books, magazines, and watched videos about the different types of leaves and how its grown. Once retired, I started working at cigar lounge. I learned more about cigars, spoke with cigar company owners, met a few rollers, and helped educate customers and members.

Wanting to expand my knowledge even more, I had the opportunity to have one-on-one lessons on rolling and blending cigars with a Cuban roller. Gaining more knowledge and learning was a great experience.

In 2019, Blue Hen Torcedor was born. I wanted to share my passion and knowledge with others. My cigar smoking became more and more of a social outlet and I wanted to merge the two. I want my customers to walk away from an event with more knowledge about hand rolled cigars
and the cigar culture.

Blue Hen Torcedor has been providing live cigar rolling for events since 2019.



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